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What to Do When the World Hasn't Ended 1/1, FR15

Title: What to Do When the World Hasn’t Ended
Author: aaronlisa
Rating: FR15
Pairing/Characters: Cordelia Chase/Buffy Summers
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon and company.
Prompts: written for eleniangel who wanted Cordelia, Buffy, tequila, a yearbook, an invitation for femslash_minis
Notes: Set at the end of Season Three, before Cordelia leaves Sunnydale.
Summary: The world hasn’t ended again, but Buffy feels like it has.

Once again, Buffy’s responsible for saving the world from destruction, yet as she watches the fireman dousing the fire, it feels as if her world has ended. Angel’s left and she knows that he’s never coming back. Her friends start to grow restless and she turns around to face them, not knowing what to do.

“Why don’t you come over to my house and clean up?” Cordelia casually asks.

And with that unexpected invitation, the others melt away into the night, as Buffy follows Cordelia to her car. They’re silent as they drive to the mansion, both lost in their own thoughts and Buffy realizes that in a way both of their worlds have ended. Cordelia will no longer be the rich, spoiled girl that was the queen of Sunnydale High.

“I’m leaving for LA tomorrow,” Cordelia states as she opens the door to her house.
“You’ll like it there,” Buffy quietly replies.
“Yeah I am sure that I will. You could come if you wanted.”
“Nah, I don’t think Giles or my mom would handle that too well.”

Cordelia laughs as she guides Buffy into the massive kitchen. Buffy watches silently as she sets her yearbook and bag down on the gleaming counter.

“Did you want something to eat?”
“I’m not really hungry.”
“Me neither. I know what we need,” Cordelia says with a grin.
“What’s that?”

Buffy laughs as Cordelia searches the kitchen for the ingredients and somehow instead of having margaritas, they wind up having shots of the tequila. Buffy quickly loses counts of the shots, as she licks the salt that Cordelia sprinkles on her hand, sucks on the lime wedge and slams the shot back. Each shot burns as it goes down but she’s starting to feel a pleasant sensation.

“I think you’re trying to get me drunk,” Buffy states as she giggles.
“And why would I do that?” Cordelia asks, as she picks up the salt shaker.
“So you can do this,” Buffy replies as she pulls Cordelia towards her.

The kiss starts out clumsy but neither pull back. Instead Cordelia’s hand slide under Buffy’s shirt, and Buffy’s fingers wind in Cordelia’s long hair. Their problems are forgotten as they kiss. It’s Buffy who pulls back first, her eyes wide as she looks at Cordelia.

“We, uh, don’t have to talk about this, do we?” Cordelia nervously asks as she bites her swollen lip.
“No we don’t,” Buffy replies as she pulls Cordelia back into her arms. “I’d much rather do this instead of talking.”

Cordelia groans as Buffy traces her lower lip with her tongue and the brunette opens her mouth for the blonde. Once more, Cordelia’s hands slip under Buffy’s shirt, this time she’s not as cautious instead she slides her hands up and down the smooth column of Buffy’s back. Buffy pulls Cordelia closer and the brunette moans as Buffy’s mouth moves down her throat. Buffy gently bites at Cordelia’s pulse point while Cordelia’s hands have found her bra strap. Before Cordelia can do anything, the shrill ring of the phone breaks the silence. Buffy snarls but lets Cordelia go to answer it.

“It’s your mom,” Cordelia flatly states as she hands the phone to Buffy.

Buffy pouts as she reaches for the phone, since she knows that their night is over before it even began. Cordelia turns away from Buffy as the blonde talks to her mother, the conversation is muted as Buffy confirms that she’s over at Cordelia’s and she’ll be spending the night helping Cordelia finish packing. She’s not even sure if Cordelia will let her stay but she’d rather stay instead of having Cordelia alone on her last night in Sunnydale.

“Do you mind if I stay?” Buffy asks as she hangs up the phone.
“I guess not.”
“I know things got out of hand, I am sorry.”
“No problem,” Cordelia replies as she pastes a fake smile on her face, “Let’s take a look at the yearbook. Despite signing practically everyone’s yearbook today, I didn’t really get a chance to look at it.”
“Okay,” Buffy replies as she silent wishes her mother had never called.

Cordelia looks at her as if she knows what Buffy’s thinking and she places her hand on top of Buffy’s.

“I’m not mad about what happened, but I’m leaving tomorrow. And I don’t think either of us are that casual. If I was staying in Sunnydale or you were coming to LA with me, I’d drag you upstairs to my room right now, and have my way with you.”

The brunette blushes and looks down suddenly shy for the first time in all the time that Buffy’s known her. Buffy nods and this time when she pulls Cordelia into her arms, it’s a just a simple hug meant to comfort. In a different world, they’d have a chance together but not in this world, even if Buffy did save it from destruction.

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