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I'm new to this community, but I have brought a present with me. It's the first half of a Buffy/Cordy fic that I never quite got round to finishing. If anybody likes it, then I might write part 2.

Title: Practice Makes Perfect (Part 1 of 2)
Author: Pseudnik
Pairing: Buffy/Cordelia
Rating: Mature readers only. Explicit same-sex.
Disclaimer: The characters and settings in this story were created by people who are much cleverer than me. No copyright infringement is intended.
Notes: This is a PWP in two parts. The portrayal of Cordelia is hopefully fairly accurate. The portrayal of Buffy, however, is based on FantasyDominatrixBuffy who lives somewhere in the darker recesses of my mind.

Cordelia was pissed. That was an understatement. Life in Sunnydale had always been somewhere between miserable and catastrophic. Now things were really bad. When the new girl had arrived, it looked like things were going to change. Buffy. Weird name, weird girl. But there was something different about her.

Cordelia had wanted to get to know her. They could have hung out together, maybe even been friends. Buffy was strong where it counted, but soft too in a way. She was kind of cute. Cordelia stopped, pushing that thought way into the back of her mind. Now was definitely not the time to start finding another girl cute, especially not that girl.

Things had started out okay. Cordelia pretty much considered it her responsibility to welcome newcomers. Unless they were geeks, of course. You had to have some standards. She had introduced Buffy to the other popular girls. She had welcomed her with open arms. Not literally, of course. That thought again, somewhere in the back of her mind. Buffy had such a tight little body and such a sexy way of walking, her ass wiggling just a little bit, but not too much. God Cordy, stop it, she thought. Note to self: never tell anybody that you have been looking at Buffy's ass.

She had tried every trick she knew to make friends with Buffy, but she just couldn't seem to make a connection. Then Buffy had started hanging out with Xander Harris and that girl Willow. They even had some kind of name for themselves. What was it? The Loser Gang? Something like that. Then the weirdness had started. Oh sure, when you live in Sunnydale you get used to weirdness, but this was something else. For a start, Cordelia realised that Buffy's parents had made a mistake when they named her. They should have called her Psycho Bitch From Hell. She carried pointy sticks. Actually carried them around in her bag. And a crossbow. What the hell was that about? And there was something else. Cordelia couldn't be sure, but she had the distinct impression that Buffy was trying to kill her.

It was the weirdness that had screwed up her day today. Cheer squad practice had been cancelled. On the Cordy Disaster Scale this rated as Factor Ten. For reference, nuclear armageddon would have weighed in at Factor Nine. Apparently, one of the other cheerleaders had grown green scales all over her body and had started laying eggs in the locker room. Big sticky eggs. Whatever. Some girls would just do anything to get attention. Why did it have to ruin Cordelia's day?

That was why she was on her own in the gym. It was getting late. The other girls had hung around for a while, but they had all drifted away now. But Cordelia was different. She would keep on practising, lizard girl or no lizard girl. If you wanted to be the best, you had to make certain sacrifices. She had started off by warming up and practising a few routines. It was almost easier on her own. The other girls usually got in her way. Cordelia had just finished a pretty hard workout, plenty of stretching and low-impact stuff. She was tired and her body was glistening with sweat, but she felt good. She was still wearing her cheerleader uniform. Nobody was watching, but she felt good in it. She felt as though she belonged in a cheerleader uniform.

Cordelia was starting to warm down now. She was thinking about heading home soon. She brushed a few damp strands of hair back from her forehead and straightened her short skirt. Her clothes were all soaked through with sweat. She was looking forward to peeling them off and having a hot shower. Just a few more stretches. She moved her feet apart slightly and bent forward until she was touching the floor between her toes. She could feel the muscles working all the way down from the small of her back, through her firm ass and down along her smooth legs. It felt good. It was then that she heard a voice behind her.

"Wow! That's a great view from back here." Cordelia straightened up quickly and turned round. It was Buffy. Cordelia smoothed her skirt down against her thighs nervously. She was trying desperately not to blush, but she could already feel the blood rushing to her cheeks. Buffy's eyes were moving over every inch of Cordelia's body. What did Buffy want? Suddenly Cordelia felt a wave of panic wash over her.

"Wait! Don't kill me!" she blurted. Buffy looked puzzled for a moment and then smiled.

"I don't want to kill you, Cordy. I thought maybe I could help you." Buffy moved closer. She was wearing a short skirt, knee-high boots and a tight T-shirt. Cordelia could see her hard little nipples poking against the fabric. What the hell was happening here? Cordelia couldn't overpower Buffy and there was nowhere to run. She would have to wait and see how this played out.

"How can you help me?" she said slowly.

"I can help you with your workout. See, I can do that too." Buffy turned around and went into the same stretch that Cordelia had just been doing. As Buffy bent forward, her skirt slid up over her ass a little. Cordelia gasped as Buffy spread her legs a little wider offering a glimpse of her tiny panties. They were white with pink polka dots. Cordelia considered looking away, but found that she couldn't. She wanted to look. She felt her own nipples hardening and rubbing against her clothing. Buffy stood up again and smiled sweetly.

"I could be your personal trainer. What do you say?" She waited for an answer. Cordelia didn't know what to say. She was scared, but something in the back of her mind wanted this to carry on.

"Okay. Sure. Thanks." was all that she could manage to say. A wicked grin spread across Buffy's face.

"You'll have to do what I say. I'm very strict, but if you're good you'll get a treat." Cordelia nodded silently. She hardly dared to move. Buffy looked her up and down again. "That skirt. It's not really suitable for training. You'll have to take it off." Cordelia's eyes widened.

"What?" she gasped.

"TAKE IT OFF! NOW!" Cordelia jumped. She was starting to shake all over. Tears were welling up in her eyes. She slowly unfastened her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Buffy stared at her with a sparkle in her eyes. "Now that I think about it, I don't like that outfit at all. Take it all off." Cordelia started to strip off her cheerleader uniform, dropping it into a pile on the floor. Her body was still damp with sweat, but she felt cold now. She started to shiver uncontrollably.

Finally, she stood naked in the gym, her hands clasped in front of her pussy. Buffy moved closer, circling behind Cordelia. Cordelia stood still. Buffy moved until she was standing directly behind Cordelia. Cordelia closed her eyes. Buffy rested her hand lightly on Cordelia's ass. Her touch was warm. Cordelia was still shaking with fear, her breathing coming in sobs, but it almost felt comforting to have Buffy this close to her.

"Okay Cordy," whispered Buffy, "now it's time for a real workout."
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